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i'm on: cocaine

i hate the fucking post office (i mean i LOVE the post office but) i HATE some of THE POSTAL WORKERS' WORK ETHICS + LACK OF HUMANITY but i mean like .... it's actually totally cool most of the time, i mail stuff out, they tell me the best deal, the cheapest way to ship, etc etc etc but oh no NOT YESTERDAY!!!!!! i used a priority box, A YEARS-OLD PRIORITY BOX, and i made sure to cover all the "priority" labels logos whatever on it cos i planned to ship cheaply, right? so there i am, waiting in line for like an HOUR, and i get up to the counter and lady all, "we have to send this priority cos it's red, white, and blue--------------it only costs $3 more anyway" and OMG OMG OMG OMG i wanted to BLOW HER FUCKING HEAD OFF or at least tell her that $3 was supposed to "buy my kids dinner" which is why i took so much care covering up the priority shit!!!! sup? sup? sup? sup? sup you got a PROBLEM? can't you see i have fucking DUCT TAPE ON MY ARM? EMPLOYEE, CAN YOU NOT SEE HOW CHILDISHLY THAT BOX WAS PACKED? THE TO/FROMS WERE WRITTEN ON FUCKING NOTEBOOK PAPER! I'M A STUDENT! I'M POOR! you're just bitter!!!!!! you see me in there every day getting packages, sending packages, but i bet you don't do much of either on your off-time!!! so fuck you and your misery! not me and mine!!!!! you!!!! aslfk;gf

ugh but it's cool now though, i'm totally over it

sup guys?
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