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Stoned and coming off the flu (yes, "medicinal" is more than just an excuse to smoke. The stuff really does make you stop feeling sick. Hooray.)

I wonder sometimes if the reason things like Bush II and Saddam Hussein and Ahhnold and all the rest of the unbelievable shit that happens in the world happens as the execution of a program, built into our DNA or something, that keeps the destructive aspect of humanity going at a certain rate and increases it if it goes too far out of balance with the other systems of the planet.

If Nature doesn't kill us, in other words, maybe we have to do it ourselves.

The program would not have had to have been "written" by a superintelligent entity such as "God" (or CON and DE) or whatever. It may have just always been.

A mathematic sort of answer. "It's a pattern, and... It just is." That's all anyone could ever tell me about why postulates and properties of algebra always worked a certain way.

Maybe that's why I was always so bad at math.

But anyway: suppose we really are dealing with a program like that. It kind of makes sense, in a way. Humanity is way way out of step with the ecology, humanity is so out of step with itself, it can't even begin to be in sync with the rest of the planet, it would seem.
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